23rd-26th September 2019

Tulcea, Romania

In the Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., we were glad to accept an invitation to attend the international conference Combating social marginalization and exlcusion in the Danube region, to which we were invited by the Romanian Ministry of Labor and Social Justice. In the conference we held the presentation of the social entrepreneurship ROMANI KAFENAVA.

The Ministry of Social Labour and Justice organized the international conference entitled „Combating social marginalization and exclusion in the Danube region”, organized by the Ministry of Social Labour and Justice. The conference, which has been attended by 170 participants from Romania and abroad, was organized in the frame of EU Strategy for Danube Region – to mark the end of the Romanian presidency.

The aim of this conference was to facilitate the exchange of know-how on social inclusion and to encourage transnational cooperation in order to improve the social services’ quality, to prevent and combat marginalization, poverty and social exclusion in the Danube region.

The topics of this conference have corresponded to the ones of the Priority Area 9 – People and Skills and they include the following: experience and good practices on combating social marginalization and exclusion in the Danube region, innovation in social services, the development of human resources in social assistance, networking and creating a framework which promotes and stimulates transnational cooperation between the EUSDR member states/regions and the development of common projects on social inclusion and poverty reduction.

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