27 August, 2019
EPeKA United Kingdom

EPEKA Ltd was established in the UK, as a part of a larger, international EPEKA network

In our work we’re mainly focused on working with young people with fewer opportunities (minority members, migrants, young people with disabilities, etc.). Through methods of non-formal education, we’re trying to empower these young people with various skills and knowledge that could increase their level of employability and help them with more efficient integration in the society. We’re organising workshops, lectures and other activities that aim to connect young people that are suffering from various types of exclusion (e.g. discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, etc.). Through our activities we’re trying to provide these young people with a safe place in which they can express themselves without feeling judged. The main methods of social inclusion we use are; inclusion through sports (we organize sport events that gather young people and other interested public) and inclusion through usage of artistic tools (workshops through which young people get familiar with various forms of arts, preparing exhibitions, etc.). Through our work we also encourage young people to start being active in the field of volunteering as we believe volunteering can have many positive effects on a young person (learning about working tasks, feeling useful, gaining motivation of participants, gaining self-confidence, learning about individual working and working in a team, etc.). The mission of our organisation is to provide young people with equal opportunities and empower them with skills, gained through non-formal education methods. Currently, we’re putting a lot of effort into providing young people with opportunities to collaborate with other international organisations through international mobility projects. We are also strongly focused on providing cultural and entrepreneurial training to recent immigrants to the UK.

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