2nd and 3rd March 2017
Brussels, Belgium

Nermina Simončič, member of EPEKA, Soc. Ent., attended the European Migration Forum in Brussels. The Forum was jointly organised by the European Commission and the European Economic and Social Committee.

The Forum provided the opportunity for ca.120 civil society organisations from across the European Union and its neighboring countries to discuss with European institutions and representatives from local, regional and national authorities the key issue of ACCESS: migrants’ access to Europe, to rights and to services. In a nutshell, the meeting included a discussion on safe legal alternatives to the perilous journeys migrants undertake, as well as a reflection on the way migrants can access services upon their arrival, together with the rights to which they are entitled to, and how to ensure continuation of such provisions to facilitate their integration process. Moreover, an underlining theme was that of communication and the media – changing the current narrative on migration, with a view to explore how public discourse can influence public perceptions on migration and integration of migrants in receiving communities.

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