3rd – 6th September 2017

The representatives of Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent. are going to attend the international conference Intercultural cities.

The aim of the Forum “Intercultural Cities” is to reinforce the exchange between organisations working on intercultural issues in cities throughout the Euro-Med region and to build new partnerships and new projects among HoNs and member organisations from involved networks. The project supports a stronger cooperation among the involved networks, while addressing issues that lie at the heart of the Euro-Med cooperation and, thus, providing support for the ALF mission. Room is given to share experiences related to daily work, while the main thematic focus is placed on intercultural issues in urban areas. Most migrations flow towards cities, therefore an intercultural picture of a city can be treated as an indicator of the intercultural situation in the country or region. The HoN and at least five other members from each network will take part in the main event, a three day Forum in Ljubljana.

Romani kafenava – the first Roma restaurant inside the EU that works by the principles of social  entrepreneurshi, will take care of the catering on the first evening of the conference.


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