19th and 20th March


Representatives of the Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., will take part in the preparation for the Social Protection Mastership Examination, organised by the Social Chamber of Slovenia.

Social Protection Mastership Examination is prescribed for the workers in the field of social protection, which they must complete in order to work independently in the organizations for social security. Participants of the seminar will be acquainted with basic contents in the field of jurisdiction they must know to complete the mastership examination. Lecturers are well-known and established experts that will present both theoretical content and practical examples from individual fields. Other presented contents will be: constitutional and state order and organization of the public administration, chosen topic from the Law on Social Security and Regulation on Standards and Norms of social security services, regulation of Institutions of European Union, protection of personal data and public information, criminal procedural and material law and execution of criminal sanctions, legal defintion of marital status and family relations, security of disabled etc. A part of the seminar will also be an interactive workshop with a professional from the Social Chamber, examining candidates on mastership examinations. Workshops will also present examles of exam questions, most common problems and issues with exams and guidelines for studying content. Participants will get a lot of expert knowledge, examples from the practice, answers to the questions or ambiguities and personal advices on how to prepare for the exam, further explained by a candidate who just recently successfully assed the test. Participants will also recieve study materials in the form of a script and sectoral legislation in e-form.


Tanja KALAN (Centre for Social Work – CSD Ljubljana), Andreja RIHTER (CSD Ljubljana), mag. Nataša BELOPAVLOVIČ (Praktika – Institue for Analysis of Work Relationships), dr. Barbara GRINTAL (outworker of the Chamber), Tomaž ČUČNIK (Ministry of Work, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities), mag. Irena PRAŽNIKAR (outworker of the Chamber), Alja Fakin (outworker of the Chamber), viš. pred. dr. Suzana OREŠKI (Society ALTRA).

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