10th – 18th July 2017

Association EPEKA and Belgian scouts are collaborating in a youth project, which will take place between 10th and 18th July in Maribor.

A first phase of exchange will question the young person’s commitment to the “burning” theme of refugees in Europe in the light of the Charter of Human Rights. During this phase we will meet people like Slovenian artists and group of young migrants from 16 to 20 years. Secondly, we will animate Slovenian children (8-12 years old) by immersing them in the “world of the marvelous”. Finally, together we will develop an exhibition of “ecological graffiti” presenting the results of our project and the contrast between this feeling of impotence expressed by the young and the hope that it infuses the child with animation.

The youth program of EPEKA, soc. e., is supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport — Office of the Republic of Slovenia for Youth.