25th May

Kino Udarnik

TOSCA BEAT are coming to Maribor!

Welcome to the world where opera and classical music meet urban rhythms and electronci music. As a part of the Festival Ezl ek we invite you to a historic cinema Kino Udarnik, where we will continue with the opera night in the cult ambient. A unique group TOSCA BEAT will present itself for the first time in the oldest cinema hall in the town. Accompanying them, preparing a mini spectacle, will be the visual arts by the VJ Stello. Wrapping things up will be DJ JAMirko.

Tosca Beat are a Slovenian music group that combines modern, urban and electronic music with classical music and opera. The core of the group are academically trained singers Zala Hodnik, Urška Kastelic and Eva Pavli, followed by the violinist Luka Beljan, cellist Žan Beljan and pianist Kristina Golob. They recorded their first song “Open Sea” and an accompanying music video in the May 2015. They cooperate with producers Peter Penko and JAMirko; the latter is also a DJ conductor.

The group TOSCA BEAT presented itself to the mainstream public this year, when they attended the Slovenian national contest to select the country’s entry to the Eurovision. Now they present their first studio album, which is very multifaceted and ties together opera with the contemporary environment of contemporary popular and electronic clubbing music.


Zala Hodnik, Urška Kastelic in Eva Pavli – soprano,
Žan Beljan – cello,
Luka Beljan – violin,
Kristina Golob – keyboard
JAMirko / Mirko Vičentič Polič – DJ
Visualisation – VJ Rasto


The Cinema Kino Udarnik was established in 1935, it used to be the heart of the Maribor culture and now it is one of the cult venues of the town. In its rich history, Udarnik hosted many unusual, free-spirited and provocative art performances.

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