2nd – 9th May 2017
Maribor, Ljubljana

Association EPEKA, social enterprise is organizing several events, which are going to happen as a part of European Youth Week 2017. The main topic of this year’s celebration is solidarity and social responsibility of youth in Europe. We would like to look at how this is reflected among us, in our locality.

We are going to be celebrating for a week, in which we should put the youngsters on a pedestal, although we can look at the current situation with a bitter aftertaste. The youngsters have been the most vulnerable group of today’s society for quite a while. It is possible that they do not know how to or they are just not capable to unify, therefore we recognize that one of the mains issues among youngsters can be seen through pragmatism of political youth parties and their members.

The program of the European Youth Week:

 Merrymaking in Romani kafenava

2nd May, 11.00 AM

»49.000 young people, age between 15 and  29, have been living below the line of poverty in 2015.« We would like to raise the awareness about the poor situation of young people through the usage of revolutionary songs. We’ll start the International Youth Week in the company of DJ Stane and DJ Ana.

European Youth Week in Brussels – The future of EU (conference about the strategies in the field of Youth)

2nd – 6th May, Brussels

We’re happy to announce that the president of EPEKA, soc.ent., is going to attend the international conference about the strategies in the field of Youth.

World press freedom Day & the presentation of the book Turkey

3rd May, European house of Ljubljana, Dunajska 20, 6.00 PM

On the third May we’re celebrating the International World press freedom day. The journalism has always been considered as a fourth branch of democracy.  With the expansion of the Internet, false news (the so-called fake news) and ownership associated with the power and capital, also this has ceased. In Turkey, the number of jailed journalists increased for 22%. Currently over 300 persons are imprisoned.

As part of the event, the presentation of the new book, written by Dr. Bogomil Ferfila – Turkey, will be held. After the presentation, a discussion is going to follow. We are going to discuss the current situation with two guests; a great journalist – Branko Sobano and the Turkish ambassador in Slovenia, her Excellency Mrs. Esen Altuğ.

Midday tea party on the topic of the situation in which the Young people are

4th May at 12.00 AM, EPEKA, Koroška cesta 8

We’ll discuss the issues with invited represenatives from the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports of Slovenia, the national agency – MOVIT and The National Youth council of SLovenia. We’re kindly inviting you to co-create.

Janez Škulj: History and the development of Youthwork in Slovenia

4th May, EPEKA, Koroška cesta 8, Maribor

We’re kindly inviting you to join us on the round table  with Janez Škulj, where we’re going to discuss the history and the development of Youthwork in Slovenia and abroad and talk about the absence of Roma Youth Center.

The future of EU and Slovenia inside of it

4th May, 8.00 PM, EPEKA, Koroška 8, Maribor

How to encourage community participation, derive common objectives and create a common better future? We’ll discuss all of these with the expert in the field of Youthwork, EU-politics and non-formal education.

Ederlezi – Jurjevanje ali Đurđev dan

7th May, 12.00 PM, Romani kafenava, Gorkega 34, Maribor

As the leaves return to the trees and memories of winter cold slowly vanish, on May 6 we celebrated the Romani spring festival “Ederlezi” and, more specifically, the wonderful song dedicated to the changing of the seasons. Taking place roughly forty days after the spring equinox, “Ederlezi” is the Romanes name for the Bulgarian and Serbian Feast of Saint George (Đurđevdan) and is much the same as Turkish “Hidrellez”. DJ Zeki will introduce us to Romani music rhythms.

 Presentation of the book Turkey

8th May, 6.00 PM, EPEKA, Koroška cesta 8, 2000 Maribor

A presentation of Bogomil Ferfila’s book Turkey. The presentation will be moderated by Boris Jaušovec.


9th May, Gospodarsko razstavišče, Ljubljana

The representatives of Association EPEKA, soc.ent. are going to attend events in Ljubljana that are happening as a part of Youth Festival – Mladinstival.


9th May at 10.00 PM, Klub KMŠ

The end of European Youth Week will come to a conclusion at the party for peace. The party lasts until the last person is standing. Kindly invited!

The youth program of EPEKA, soc. e., is supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport — Office of the Republic of Slovenia for Youth.