19th – 22nd April 2017

EPEKA, soc.ent., is happy to announce that our representatives will be attending an International seminar on cross-sectorial cooperation in the field of inclusion “Key to inclusion” which will happen in Ljubljana, between 19th and 22nd of April.

The seminar will gather representatives of different sectors, who have been working cross-sectorally on the topic of inclusion of young people to share their practices, learn from each other and exchange experience and models of cooperation.

This seminar is co-organised by CMEPIUS and MOVIT, Slovenian national agencies for the Erasmus+ programme. The training activity is funded by Erasmus+.

This project is financed by the European Commission. The content of this announcement only expresses the opinions of the author. The National agency and the European Commission are in no way responsible for any use of the information the announcement includes.

The youth program of EPEKA, soc. e., is supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport — Office of the Republic of Slovenia for Youth.