19 March 2021

Representatives of the Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., Matej Tisaj and Anja Cehnar, participated in the RISE youth exchange (Resources for Improving Social Inclusion and Equality, based on applied entrepreneurial competencies).

The international exchange took place online, between 19-21. and 26.-27. March 2021.

The aim of this educational project is to reduce racism and discrimination and to promote social inclusion, taking into account the priorities and opportunities offered by Horizon 2020 in the field of social measures and sustainable development goals. We relied on the Entrecomp and Digcomp competency framework as a tool for creating competencies that make us think and act entrepreneurially.

This project focused on educating employees of youth organizations, inspiring participants in future projects through educational methods. We discussed how to take responsibility for your learning process (independent learning). With this project, they supported the future and present of the workers of youth organizations in developing special skills for entrepreneurship and employment.

The goals of the program were:

  1. Provide practical tools to improve social employability and entrepreneurial skills in projects that support inclusion, diversity and equality.
  2. Support the professional and personal development of young workers and youth coaches.
  3. Provide information and usability within the Entrecomp and Digcomp competencies.
  4. Promote Horizon 2020 priorities, sustainable development goals and develop initiatives for social inclusion in these areas.
  5. Indicate useful tools and methods for working with young people in the framework of ERASMUS + and the European Solidarity Unit.
  6. Research and develop new initiatives for social entrepreneurship and employability in youth work.

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