25th June 2017, 5 PM
Galerija EPEKA

We are happy to announce the opening of the exhibition No pig, no party by Mila Panić, which will take place on the 25h June at 16.00 in Galerija EPEKA, Koroška 8, Maribor.

Title of this work is common saying “Ako se ništa nije okrenulo nije se ništa ni proslavilo” which means in raw translation: if we have nothing to put on a skewer,we didn’t celebrate anything.*No pig,no party
If you celebrate something in a ‘proper’ way or you organize a funeral you ‘need’ to prepare pork or lamb. This habit become a tradition in Balkan area. In this work I question the stagnation of mentality and sort of paganism present in society to which I belong which is visible in repetition of certain habits and tradition that have spooky character. When we subtract the function of an object we immediately start to think about that object. Function of skewer is to bring feeling of delight and pleasure to the individual and here they rotate empty where I left out their hedonistic purpose. Whit out that function they are threatening, cold, unattractive and distasteful.

The text and the cover photo are taken from the official webpage of the artist Mila Panić.

The youth program of EPEKA, soc. e., is supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport — Office of the Republic of Slovenia for Youth.