5th April

Roma Station, Maribor

The Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., organizes a volunteering action Reviving Roma Station as a part of the 9th Day for Change, organized by the Slovenian Philanthropy.

We are meeting on the Preradovičeva 1 in Maribor, where we will make the Roma Station cosier together. Our goal is to paint the additional room and connect with the visiting volunteers from Spain. We offer you a socializing at the Roma Station, where the volunteers can try games such as PlayStation, pool, darts, table tennis, etc.

9th Day for Change will take on place on the 7th April. Big volunteering action, organized by the Slovenian Philanthropy, will happen across Slovenia with the intent to reconnect numerous agents across Slovenia, paying special attention to bringing together of the community.

The Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent. is supported by: