17th – 26th July 2018
Oglinzi, Romania

We’re happy to announce that the representatives of Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent. are going to attend the project Transition to Entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship and self-employment offer pathways for young people to emerge from unemployment. In this context, special attention is paid to the social entrepreneurship model. The social economy further contributes to several key EU objectives, including the achievement of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, high-quality employment, social cohesion, social innovation, local and regional development and environmental protection.Investing in entrepreneurship education is one of the highest return investments Europe can make. Whether or not they go on to found businesses or social enterprises, young people who benefit from entrepreneurial learning, develop business knowledge and essential skills and attitudes including creativity, initiative, tenacity, teamwork, understanding of risk and a sense of responsibility. This is the entrepreneurial mind-set that helps entrepreneurs transform ideas into action and also significantly increases employability.

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