1st to 11th March 2018

The World Life Experience has started on the 8th January in Lisbon, Portugal. 12 participants from different countries have embarked on a journey through 28 destinations in Europe, Asia and South America.

They are using the social media to share their experiences and insights into every country they visit. Their 10 day stay in each of the countries does involve some spare time activities; however the majority of their time is dedicated to interaction with the local organization and direct cooperation with the NGO’s. This is an alternative take on traveling: see the world, while you’re helping the people in need and thereby initiate the change you want to see in the world.

Participants of the World Life Experience will cooperate with the Institute Povod, which is a Slovenian partner in the World Life Experience and coordinates activity programme of the field team in Slovenia.

The activities of the Institute Povod, which take place in Slovenia and all over the world, are dedicated to strengthening of the intercultural dialogue. For its European target group, the institute also runs global programmes of education and raising consciousness. The institute strives for global justice and progress by means of art, education, and cooperation and they support the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Their goal is to strengthen the intersectoral cooperation, which would encourage further development of the organizations of the civil society. The goal is to be reached by establishing partnership with the public, mostly by supporting the youth who want to develop their own initiatives and found the social enterprises.

They will spend the first five days in Ljubljana, where they will get acquainted with our culture, history and good practices among social enterprises. Second part of the Slovenian adventure will take place in the Styria region, where the focus will be shifted towards sustainable projects and social economy enterprises. After their stop in Slovenia, the team will head to Prague, where they will cooperate with another association.

Participants will work as one team and share their everyday life, discoveries and experiences with the public over the various social media pages of the World Life Experience, as well as on their web page.


This project is open to the entire world so all the interested organizations are invited to cooperate. There are already several institutions, trademarks and organizations that help the project locally either by providing accommodation, meals, transport, and financing or simply by sharing their own experiences and adventures. They do so with the intent of promoting the core activity. Such examples are EPEKA and Top Power studio, both of which are local partners of the project Maribor. The goal of the project is to encourage social responsibility through direct donations to the global NGO’s on hand and direct cooperation with the local organizations on the other hand. The latter is important for the participants of the project, as it is a unique shot at an experience, which will help them raise awareness about the world society and cultural differences among the cultures.

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