18th September


In the project “Fair Employment – With Youth Work against Youth Unemployment”, co-funded by the Republic of Slovenia and the EU through European Social Fund, Institute for Youth Politics organised the first out of four regional conferences.The event took place in the conference hall of the company Pipistrel d.o.o.. In order to make proposals, actions and ideas of how to address challenges of youth entering labour market, the conference brought together all key participants in the process of youth entering labour market.

Guests of the round table were:

– Katarina Ambrožič, head of department for social activities in Ajdovščina Municipality
– Ivo Boscarol, founder, owner and president of the group Pipistrel
– Tanja Kožuh, director of the the Primorska Technological Park
– Mojca Kušnjerek, coordinator of the active employment politics
– Marko Rondič, director of the Regional Chamber of Craft and Small Business Ajdovščina
– Melita Semič, master’s degree student of microbiology

About the project:

Aim of the project Fair Employment – Youth Work against Youth Unemployment is permanent inclusion of youth on labour market through help of innovative projects, which help strengthen general and specific competences and simultaneously strengthen active citizenship among youth. National project is coordinated by the Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., in partnership with Institute for Youth Politics, Soc. Ent., Research and Education Center Mansion Rakičan, Society for Development of Volunteering.

Investment is financed by the Republic Slovenia and European Union from European Social Fund.

The Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., is supported by: