9. oktober 2019 ob 19.00

KGB, Maribor

The Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., invites you to the unique concert of the international band Balkalito! Together we will walk through the musical imgery from the enitre world, mostly from the Balkans.

Chamber music has already created the most diverse casts – that’s the path the project Balkalito! tries to follow.

Project Balkalito is a combination of joking personal arangements. Their specialty are four musicians from different countries; Nenad Mitić (Serbia), Matej Bunderla (Slovenia), Ivan Trenev (Macedonia), and Luis Oliveira (Brasil) who differ a lot in their musical styles. They combine influences of their respective home music styles with clarinet, saxophone, accordion and percussion. They are remade in a diverse musical programme, containing ethno-melos and hot Balkan rhythms but also the music that you hear on the radio waves in the Balkans. You’re up for an exciting night, full of passions, happiness and good energy.

We celebrate music, so the entrance is free; don’t forget to bring your friends with you!

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