7 February, 2019
EPeKA Serbia

EPEKA Serbia is a non-profit, non-governmental youth organization from Niš, South Serbia.  EPEKA is an organization that has diversified, reliable and stable partnerships both inside Serbia and on the EU level. In addition to our sister organizations abroad, we also cooperate with other partner organizations, regarding the purpose and objectives of the projects. Youth exchanges are important elements of our program because many new members get a chance to participate in them, therefore our new members have a possibility of gaining new experience and obtaining knowledge through informal education. In this way, our more experienced members acquire pedagogical competences. Through gaining experience, our members become competent for performing new, more difficult tasks. Our programs are very inclusive and encouraging, we provide new members with mentors that are responsible for their guidance and who help new members with getting familiar with the mindset of NGO sector. Art, culture and sports activities are key methods that are involved in the informal education that we organize within the framework our organization.

More information:

PIF EPEKA Serbia E10107728

President: Marija Filipović

E-mail: epeka@epeka.eu


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