7 February, 2019
EPeKA Montenegro

The area in which the organization was established is facing many difficulties; especially in the field of youth.

Young people are at high-risk of poverty, they have very limited access to non-formal education as well as limited employment opportunities. Results are high rate of emigration and nationalism. With the implementation of our projects we’re aiming to empower the local youth with new knowledge, skills and experience that could later-on benefit especially on the field of active citizenship and intercultural dialogue. With collaboration of experienced of our sister organization EPEKA Slovenia, we educate young people with fewer opportunities in order to activate and empower them with non-formal education methods. Through volunteering programmes, we promote active citizenship among our members, who often become nonmotivated when realizing that their opportunities inside their local environment are limited.

More information:

PIC Monte Negro E10151291

President: Lidija Zejnilović

E-mail: office@epeka.me


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