19th October, 27th October and 4th December 2018
Minorites Church, Maribor

The Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., kindly invites you to the concert cycle +Classical Music Today? Tomorrow?’. Three concerts will take place in the Minorites Church of the Maribor Puppet Theater.. 

Where do we find classical music today? Exclusively concert halls? Churches? Weddings? Festivals? Clubs? Elevators? Stores? Is there a place for it? And in what form? Is it just for evening bliss, elevated talk and premium wine? It used to be like that, but can we modernize that? Is the modernization even wanted? Is it reasonable?

Classical music today, in a fast-paced environment, faces a crisis of once strong identity. It is as if the music was just a conjunction of elitism, conservatism and time-consuming pedantry. It seems that atomic “instant” age with informational surplus finds it hard to process art, which takes more attention, time and thought to fully comprehend.

But classical music is nonetheless – music! It’s essential to music and art in general to be uplifting. A majority of the reperotaire has been made to bring joy. Technical perfection, virtuosity of performance, esthetic and declarative contribution are those that are just further backed by the original intention.

Cycle “Classic Today? Tomorrow?” was carried out as a proof that you don’t need much more than curiousity of an individual to enjoy classical music. Young and daring preformers in atypical ensembles will present themselves and bring a breath of fresh air and some novelties to the classical scene. They won’t, however, do so by compromising quality of performance. Concerts will be set in the Maribor’s Minorites Church, which has a long has history of changing purpose and is thus a nice example of how one has to adapt to upcoming times. At the same time, the church has a magical acoustic for chamber ensembles as well as an optimal visual environment for concerts of the sort.

Three concerts of the cycle offer a wonderful travel through different music eras and styles. However, it also offers classical music in a newer, modern light. With the respect for tradition and rich history, they are trying to find new guidelines on how to keep “serious” music on the current level, but also to expand the public and look for place that classical music could occupy.


Entrance fees:

  • Pack of three tickets in presale: 21€ – regular price; 15€ – students, pensioners
  • Indivudal tickets in presale: 8€ – regular price; 6€ – students, pensioners
  • Individual tickets on the day of the concert: 10€ – regular price; 8€ – students, pensioners

Tickets are available at the cash-register of LGM.

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