24 – 30 June, 2018
Athens, Greeceepeka

Between 24th and 30th June, Žiga Dobnikar and Robert Križanič attended the international activity in Athens, which was a part of the project Education for Deeper Social Integration within the framework of Erasmus+ program, under the umbrella national association Cmepius.

A part of the activities, organized by the Greek NGO Iasis, we got to know good practices bound to inclusion of adults that are a part of the vulnerable groups in Athens. They also presented practices that other partner organizations recognized as good practices in the local and national environments. the Assocation EPEKA, Soc. Ent., coordinated this project. Besides Association EPEKA, six other organizations were included: Iasis (Greece), Regional Cluster North-East (Bulgaria), Prometeo (Italy), European Youth Center Breclav (Czech Republic), Solidaridad Sin Fronteras (Spain, Cumbria Credits Limited (United Kingdom).

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