1 Oct., 2017 – 30 Sep., 2019
Various locations

On 1st October 2017, Association EPEKA, soc.ent. is going to start with a project Education for Deeper Social Integration (Maribor, Athens, Madrid, Rim, Varna, Breclav).

With the project “Education for Deeper Social Integration” (EDSI) we plan to establish a strong international network of institutions dealing with education of adults, especially those, who belong to vulnerable groups. The main task of this project is the social integration of adults, especially refugees and migrants, into the mainstream society through holistic education approaches, which we will research and also determine their potential for transfer into new local contexts. Throughout Europe different methods and strategies for facing the refugee crisis have been developed and through this project we plan to detect the best strategies in the field of adult education aimed at refugees. In the project we will train educators, who already posses the basic skill sets, on the best principles of effective and active work in the field of educating adult refugees and members of other vulnerable groups and helping in their integration into the mainstream society and the work market. With this in mind we formed a partner consortium, which includes organisations that are actively engaged with educating refugees and other vulnerable groups. The partners have also formed strong professional networks on the local, regional, national level, through which they will pull many experts to contribute to the implementation of EDSI.

EDSI’s 5 training activities for educators will include 95 experts working in the fields of adult education and refugee integration coming from Slovenia, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, the Czech Republic, Spain and Great Britain. These training activities will be based on informal learning methods, flexible modules, use of ICT, a lot of field work and visits to relevant stakeholders. This training program will be supplemented with a large number of dissemination events: 8 exhibitions, 3 concerts, 8 round tables, 6 press conferences and 2 workshops. The dissemination events will reach a wide array of target groups ranging from refugees, through the general public to experts and decision-makers.

Goals of EDSI:

To increase the capacities of organisations working in the field of adult education focusing on refugees.

To increase the competences, knowledge, language and soft skills of educators, who work with adult refugees and through this to make a positive contribution to education and integration results.

To collect and research examples of good and innovative practices and methods and to study the possibilities of they transfer to new local environments; to synthesise this into a toolkit and disseminate it to relevant stakeholders on the local, national and European level.

To establish a long-term network of organisations working in the field of adult education and refugees and to guarantee high quality future projects building on the legacy of EDSI.

To facilitate interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral cooperation.

To foster inter-cultural dialogue, understanding and acceptance of diversity and to fight discrimination and radicalisation in all spheres of society.

Applicant organization:

Združenje EPEKA, so.p.

Partner organizations:

IASIS NGO (Greece)

Bulgaria – Regional Cluster “North-East” (Bulgarija)

Prometeo (Italy)

European Youth Centre Breclav  (Czech Republic)

Solidaridad sin fronteras (Spain)

Cumbria Credits Limited  (United Kingdom)



We expect the project to result in increased capacities of partner organisations and also other organisations in contact with the project. Through the project we will develop the European dimension of their work and give them access to good practices already implemented in their fields of work. We will also establish guidelines of transferring these practices to new local contexts. Thus we will directly address the challenges they face and give them potential solutions for them. This effect will not only be limited to partner organisation but will be disseminated to other relevant stakeholders, who will act as multipliers. The main tangible result of the project will be the development of a toolkit presenting good practices and ways to implement them. The added value of the project will be a raise in the level of intercultural and inter-religious dialogue, better integration of refugees and an increase in the understanding of diversity as a direct result of the project activities and its dissemination.

The youth program of EPEKA, soc. e., is supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport — Office of the Republic of Slovenia for Youth.