3rd – 11th March
Tarsus, Turkey

We’re looking for the participants who would like to attend a Youth Exchange in Turkey.

The project: «Global Peace with Folk Dance and Music » is a transnational initiative for young people. The participants will come from 6 different countries (Turkey, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia). Thirty seven (37) young people aged 18-25, including their group leaders will participate in the project, organized and coordinated by Tarsus Turk Halk Muzigi Dernegi (THMD) in Tarsus/Mersin in Turkey. The aim of the project; in activities with young people the concept of the use of dance and music events as a means of ensuring social peace to promote the use and contribute to the fight against discrimination through peer learning method. We are planning by bringing together people of different social groups, language, race, age and gender discrimination in order making plans to provide the transportation to the universal dimension of their folk music.


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