5 June 2021

On World Environment Day, we organize a guided tour of urban gardens in the City Garden below Pekrska Gorca. You are invited to join us in nature at 5 pm!

June 5 is World Environment Day. We humans are the key players in preserving and protecting our environment, including living things and inanimate parts of nature that bring us so much joy and above all allow us to exist and live on this planet. But climate change threatens the existence of not only plants and animals but also humans.

Our food systems have a significant negative impact on the climate. Intensive monoculture agriculture cuts down forests, degrades the soil, burdens water resources and reduces biodiversity. Fruits and vegetables that travel to store shelves from distant places leave a large carbon footprint. We reach for them because they are more affordable than locally grown organic. However, we are not aware that we are consuming vitamin- and mineral-depleted and chemical-rich foods.

To preserve the environment and reduce climate change, it is crucial that as many city dwellers as possible grow their food in urban gardens. That is why the EPEKA Association invites you to take part in a guided tour of the beautiful City Garden below Gorca. It is a piece of land under Pekrska gorca, which offers space for individual gardeners, adventure garden, orchard and loving people. We will walk through the garden, where you will get a sense of the surface and where we will present how we designed it. You will learn about the operation of community urban gardens and the principles of organic farming. In the second part of the meeting, we will focus on the herbal part of the garden. We will explain how to handle herbs in the garden and pick them up.

Participation is free! Put on appropriate footwear as we will be walking among the gardens. We recommend some older sports shoes.

You can find the Bensa garden, which is next to the RTV center Maribor. Follow Studenška Street past the entrance to the horticulture in the direction of Pohorje and immediately after the fence turn right onto the macadam road. After 100m there is an entrance to the garden.
Time: 5 PM – 7 PM

The number of participants is limited to 25, so registration is required.

In case of rain, the event will be postponed.

The project is supported by the European Commission under the DEAR Program (The European Union’s Development Education & Awareness Raising Program) & the sub-granting scheme FoodWave.

See you in nature!

Agenda in PDF: Guided tour of urban gardens