15 November, 2023, 10:00 am – noon

The part 1 of the final online training day by European Affordable Housing Consortium, SHAPE-EU


The EU with its’ Renovation Wave recast of the Energy Efficiency Directive and the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive sets ambitious targets. However, the complexity and fast-paced evolution of these regulations, combined with national and local regulations, can both facilitate and hinder renovation projects, creating challenges and confusion.

Join us to explore practical solutions for overcoming regulatory hurdles, and learn how to successfully scale up your district renovation efforts. Don’t miss your chance to be part of the solution!

  • Regulatory barriers for district level social and affordable housing renovations
    Thibault Perraillon, GreenFlex
  • Panel discussion on regulatory challenges with the blueprint authors
    Paula Ferrando Julia, GNE Finance
    Henk Visscher, TU Delft
    Nerea Gomez, ECTP
  • The Aalborg Model – transforming a vulnerable housing area into a mixed community
    Sven Buch, Himmerland Boligforening

Find more information about the training day here.

This webinar takes place within the framework of the EU-funded SHAPE-EU project: the European Affordable Housing Consortium. SHAPE-EU is the point of reference for a socially-inclusive Renovation Wave and New European Bauhaus..