17 – 27 August, 2019
near Strasbourg, France

The Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., is looking for participants to attend youth exchange Macho – A Secular Attitude in France.

Why can machismo be dangerous? Negative perception of machismo can create a power struggle between men and women that can potentially lead relationships and families to experience domestic violence. It can also effect working conditions of women and create a disparity of tasks and salary based on discrimination of female as gender. Perception of men as needing to be super-males, superior because of masculinity, creates social stereotypes discriminating other males.

Aim is to analyse how macho stereotypes contribute to disadvantages and even violence also against some men over others men, accordingly to disparity in stereotypes images of masculinity? What characteristics are associated with the words “not man enough”? Can this concept of lack of fit masculinity discourage men and effect them?

We need 7 participants, 1 of them leader; 4 participants should be between13 and 16 years; 2 should be older than 18 and 1 group leader without age restrictions. Participants should also have some knowlege of playing instruments and dancing.

Info pack Exchange Macho and summary of the project.

More information on: jera@epeka.si.

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