5th – 14th April
Mersin, Turkey

Wanna learn more about the Living Library Method and travel to Turkey in March? We’re searching for the participants!

The Roma, the majority of whom are EU citizens, constitute the largest “ethnic minority” group of the EU with apopulation of 10-12 million across Europe with the biggest number living in Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria and Spain. In Turkey they live all over the country and most known in Trakya, Çanakkale, Edirne, Tekirdag, Mersin, İzmir and İstanbul. Biggest challenges that the Roma are facing in their everyday life are: Unemployment, poverty, lack of education, lack of acceptance by the society which creates obstacles for integration and employment in public organizations. Roma are discriminated against and their rights are violated on daily basis by their neighbors, friends, colleagues and peers. This project aims to help in understanding the history, cultural structure, difficulties and injustices of the Roma people in Europe. The project aims to develop the knowledge and understanding of youth participants about active European citizenship around the values of Europe but also build skills of interpreting real (mostly untold) stories from the Roma realities to other youth in Europe.This event aims to raise awareness and initiate critical thinking at young European citizens about Anti-Gypsyism and its historical roots in Europe. The project activities will be organized by using a very creative method of Living Library. It should bring to light the context of real situations with the Roma in different EU countries. With a strong dimension of empowerment, participants will be supported to become mediators, role models, facilitatorsand multiplayers in their communities.


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