4 December, 2015
Brdo pri Kranju, Slovenia

The Youth Sector Consultation is an annual event for young people, youth workers and leaders, representatives of youth and youth organisations and all others who in one way or another co-create and co-shape areas, policies and programmes for young people. The President of the Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., Štefan Simončič, will take part in the event.
The aim of the consultation is to build on the foundations established by the Resolution on the Development of the Youth Sector and Youth Policy 2014, adopted at last year’s consultation, taking into account the current challenges in the sector. The 2014 Consultation was primarily concerned with the expectations of the youth sector towards external stakeholders and decision makers. In this respect, this year’s consultation will focus on the sector, its actors and their activities. The consultation will discuss the structured dialogue process, the European funding of youth programmes, the national vocational qualification for youth workers and the support and development of youth policies and youth work at local level.