20 – 24 November, 2022
Istanbul, Turkey

Members of the Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., took part in the Storysilience mobility: combined mobility of pupils in schools: creative collaboration for a shared result.


Storysilience is a project for children and young people in formal and informal settings to tell stories of resistance during COVID-19 in four locations: London, Cumbria, Turkey and Slovenia.


To amplify the voices of those from less heard communities, with a particular focus on their experiences in the programmes during COVID-19.
to train schoolchildren in the arts and creative industries in order to stimulate interest in the arts
as a viable career option
uplift cultural organisations severely affected by COVID-19 by reconnecting with their communities and attracting audiences to them


The project will work with young people as community leaders through the arts by training them to:organise and facilitate workshops with marginalised communities design
writing and performing a performance (storytelling or short play)
working with cultural organisations by managing projects when performances are on tour


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