1 April, 2023 – 31 March, 2025
Maribor, Slovenia

At the Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., we are pleased to announce that between the years 2023 and 2025, we will be implementing the program Strengthening Vulnerable Social Groups with Volunteer Support.

We obtained the funds for the implementation of the Strengthening Vulnerable Social Groups with Volunteer Support project within the framework of the Public Call for the Development of Volunteering Organizations, announced by the Ministry of Public Administration.

Purpose of the public call: For organized and quality volunteer work and to ensure the proper training of volunteers, there is a need for organizations that organize and direct the process of volunteering and trained mentors and coordinators of volunteering. The public call will thus promote the employment of mentors and/or coordinators of volunteering in various thematic and geographical areas.

What will we do within the project? As the name itself suggests, during the project activities, we will aim to strengthen vulnerable social groups and actively involve them in volunteer programs and activities we conduct (as volunteers and beneficiaries). At the EPEKA Association, so.p., we have been actively operating in the field of volunteering for many years. In the Maribor area, we run various volunteer programs, targeting both work with vulnerable groups and with the youth. We perceive volunteering as one of the added values of our work, enriching the content we offer. On one hand, with the support of volunteering, we provide quality and diverse content, increasing opportunities for vulnerable groups in the local environment. On the other hand, we offer volunteers the chance to develop key competencies and participate in additional training and education domestically and abroad.

What will be the key results of the project? During the project’s duration, we will hold 24 events aimed at promoting and acquiring new volunteers, conduct 50 activities aimed at motivating volunteers, integrate new volunteers into the project, and provide them with mentoring support. We will also develop additional volunteer programs.


If you’d like to join us and get more information about the volunteering activities we run, please contact us at epeka@epeka.si and we’d be delighted to invite you for a chat!