15th – 22nd December 2018

Águeda, Portugal

The Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., participated in the project Together for Diversity. The project took place between 15th and 22nd December 2018 in Águeda, Portugal. 

The goal of the project in general was social inclusion of young people accepting diversity and multicultral differences.

The specific goals of the project were:

  • to rise the point of the awareness among the youth regarding diversity and multiculturality;
  • to promote awareness, proactivity, and more tolerant attitude towards differences;
  • to empower young people with new compatibilites and studies which are based on NFE
  • to share good practice, European dialogue and exchange of personal and social experiences
  • to rise awareness among young people regarding the low social participation and citizenship;
  • to increase social inclusion and initiative towards cultural diversity based on the needs of young Europeans

Good Practice Guide Together for Diversty

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