20 – 26 June, 2019
Worcester, United Kingdom

The Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., is looking for participants who would like to attend an exchange in Worcester, United Kingdom.

The exchange is part of the project Volunteering Opporunities, which consists of two mobilites: the first on is CME (Contact Making Event) in Worcester and the next one will be in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The idea of the project was inspired by the introduction of the new European Solidarity Corps (ESC) Programme and the fact that majority of the organisations still do not have a clear understanding of how the programme works and what benefits are there for young people and organisations (both at the local and international level).

The focus of the CME here falls particularly on matters such as:

  • promoting volunteering opportunities at the local and international level
  • developing strong and sustainable partnerships
  • volunteers’ management and mentoring
  • ensuring greater impact of the volunteering projects (both for
    the volunteers and the communities they work in).

More information in the INFO PACK – CME Volunteering Opportunities, 20-26 June 2019, UK.

To apply, write to: jera@epeka.si.

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