1 April 2021

We are pleased that as part of the social activation programs, Tea Hegedus will prepare an online workshop on Thursday, April 1st, where she will provide participants in the Social Activation programs we run, with information on the importance of appearance and dress at a job interview.

Tea Hegedus, a long-time editor of the most influential Slovenian lifestyle media Gloss, has a master’s degree in marketing communication with a degree in fashion design and fashion marketing, and is currently writing a doctoral dissertation in the field of sustainable practices. Besides many contributions for various media, she also participated in the creative design of numerous fashion and other campaigns and the implementation of publications for large Slovenian companies. She is a lecturer at the Faculty of Design, an associate member of the University of Primorska, where she teaches fashion stylism, fashion communication, and strategic communication. For many years she was also a member of the jury of the Trend Award, which was awarded for special achievements in the field of visual creativity. A consultant and guest of numerous media events, radio shows, and television articles, she is certainly considered one of the most influential fashion experts in Slovenia.

Social activation programs are funded by the Ministry of Labor, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities and EU Funds.