17th – 22nd June 2019

The Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., announces it will be a part of the Youth Against Antigypsyism. The project will take place between 17th and 22nd June 2019, in the year of 70th anniversary of the European Youth Fundation.

Youth Against Anitgypsyism (YAA) is a project funded by the European Youth Fundation and is run by a consortium of 6 Roma-oriented organisations from COE countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Italy and Albania) and will gather youth from 8 countries (in addition to the consortium members also youth from Montenegro and Serbia) with the aim of exchanging good practices, sharing experience related to common issues, increasing the competences of participants, finding ways to fight discrimination and foster integration of the Roma minority without intruding on their cultural specifics and creating strategies to foster greater Roma youth inclusion in international projects. The project’s geographical scope is focused on the regions with strong Roma minorities and a plethora of tensions resulting from unconstructive phenomena such as antigypsyism, discrimination and fewer opportunities as a result of the above.

The project consortium conceived the proposal around the needs of three key target groups. Firstly, youth who are already active in the fields of active citizenship, minority rights and fighting discrimination. Secondly, young members of the Roma minority, especially women, who are already relatively active or show a tendency to increase their social participation and expand their social circles and who are prepared to act as project ambassadors during and after the project life-time. Thirdly, Roma youth who might benefit greatly from inclusion in international activities and projects in the future.

Building on the rich heritage of past projects targeting the Roma minority YAA will produce a toolkit aimed at transferring good practices. The toolkit will be created by the project team, experts and activity participants. Thus the activity will result in an output that will effect future projects and will, we believe, result in an increase in young Roma (especially women) participation in international youth activities.

Project partners:

Open Doors, Albania

Regional Cluster North-East, Bulgaria

Roma future Rijeka, Croatia

Awen Amenca, Czech Republic

Romni onlus, Italy

Epeka, Slovenia


The project had two main outputs, which were created during the activity:


The Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., is supported by: