22 and 23 September 2022

Hotel Habakuk, Maribor

Štefan Simončič, President of the Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., participated in the 28th Days of the Social Chamber of Slovenia, entitled “From Words to Actions: Inclusive Creation of a Better Future in Social Care“.

Recent years have brought many changes and new challenges to the field of social assistance. This year has seen the adoption of the long-awaited Long-Term Care Act, as well as changes to other legislation to address important societal issues and the needs of different target groups. The social care professionals have often been overlooked in the process of creating changes, despite numerous promises by the legislator, and this year’s main event of the Social Chamber of Slovenia aims to provide a space for the development of possible solutions and to ensure greater involvement of the profession in the creation of legislative changes that have a significant impact on the lives of both users and employees in social care. It is time to implement common solutions for better social care in the future.

The complexity and topicality of the topics to be addressed at this year’s 28th Days of the Social Chamber of Slovenia invite and encourage you to take this opportunity, at the stage of planning legislative changes in the field of social protection, formulating guidelines for further work, to co-create, together with invited guests, speakers and participants, professional positions, guidelines and proposals for work and professional development in the changing circumstances of the present time. Let us therefore be part of the “common” voice of the Chamber’s efforts and of social care practice with the slogan: “For the people”.

Schedule of the conference

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