6th December

Representatives of the Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., will take part in the expert meeting “Role of Social Activation in the cross-border area of Slovenia-Croatia for strengthening of the partnership and improvement of institutional abilities”. The meeting will take place on 6th December in Ormož.

Project 2SoKroG’s priority is field of social security and employment services with the aim of strengthening the partnership of public institutions and participants in the field of social activation. Goal of social activation is to help long-term unemployed recipients of financial social assistance to (re-)activate themselves in society and to get an employment to be further motivated for changes in life and improve their psychosocial health.

To improve and upgrade public services with the model of social activation, the key is to raise institutional capabilities of public institutions (Social Work Centres, Labour Office), developing competences and suitable skillsets of public employees in the public sector, with whose help the vulnerable will be able to become more capable for successful inclusion in the labour market (within the frames of social enterprises, local communities).

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