15 May 2021

On the occasion of World Climate Change Day, which we celebrate on 15 May, we will be in the EPEKA Association, so.p. prepared a set of activities. With them, we want to strengthen the general public with additional knowledge related to environmental protection.
All project activities will be located on the island of Maribor, which was protected as a natural landmark in the 1950s and today has the status of a surface geomorphological and botanical natural monument, which represents an important habitat of animal species and has been declared a natural monument.


1. Let’s clean Mariborski otok

10.00 – 13.00

In cooperation with schools, educational institutions, institutes and other NGOs, we will open the World Climate Change Day with a campaign aimed at the spring cleaning of the island of Maribor. In order to attract as many people as possible who will actively participate in the cleaning campaign, all participants who will deliver a bag of collected waste to the organizer of the event will have free use of the mini golf course.

2. Lecture: Dragonflies

13.00 – 14.00
Damjan Vinko, professor of biology

Join us on a lecture on dragonflies in Slovenia, their characteristics and their importance for preserving biodiversity. During the lecture, the participants will be introduced to the species of dragonflies present in the area of Maribor and Slovenia, as well as methodological guidelines for the study of this extremely interesting and important animal species.

3. Guided walk along the natural science learning trail on the island of Maribor

14.00 – 15.00
Mateo Hočuršćak, EPEKA

For the visitors of the event, we will carry out a guided walk along the natural science learning path, suitable also for the youngest. As part of the guided walk, visitors will get to know the animal and plant species that inhabit the island of Maribor. Visitors will learn to identify rare and endangered species of plants (dog tooth, Turkish lily, liverwort, cyclamen, etc.), learn to recognize trees that can be seen during a walk around the island, learn about the geological and geomorphological characteristics of the island and learn which birds reside and nest on the island. As part of the walk, participants will also be introduced to the historical significance of the island for Maribor and the Folk Tale of the Snake Queen.

4. Reuse workshops

10.00 – 16.00
Petra Kovačec, EPEKA

We will conduct workshops for children throughout the day; The workshops will be focused on re-use, with which we want to raise awareness among children in the field of environmental protection. The workshop will be entitled: Bring your tetrapack and create a wallet. As part of the promotion of the activity, we will invite visitors to bring a tetrapack, which they would otherwise discard, with them and create a new product from it. Adults, with the support of trained staff, will have the opportunity to create protective masks from waste textiles.

5. Lecture: What can I do to have a positive impact on the environment?

16.00 – 17.00
Anja Cehnar, EPEKA

As part of the activities, we will conduct a lecture aimed at empowering target groups with the knowledge of how to make small changes in everyday life, with the support of which we can have a positive impact on the environment. We will touch on topics such as sustainable development, the circular economy, economical resource management, social responsibility, etc., in order to strengthen the general public with information, knowledge and opportunities related to environmental protection and increased awareness of environmental protection.

The project is co-financed by the Municipality of Maribor.