22 – 23 February, 2022

Epeka Berlin hosted an international project meeting on 22 and 23 February in Berlin as part of the Art 4 Inclusion project.

The project meeting assessed in more detail the state of play of the development of the intellectual outputs and re-set the timeline, which had to be revised due to the exacerbated situation linked to the epidemic towards the end of 2021.

About the project:
Many sectors have been negatively affected by the pandemic caused by Covid-19. In particular, artistic and cultural activities came to a standstill, with devastating consequences for both professionals and society as a whole – especially for members of vulnerable social groups.
The objectives of the Art for Inclusion project are: to promote the social and labour inclusion of young migrants and minorities (YMM) through the arts; to promote the employability of young arts professionals; and to raise awareness among the general public of the importance of arts and culture in the processes of social and economic development in the European Union.

More about the project:https://www.art4inclusion.eu/ 



Project partners:

EPEKA Berlin (Germany), EPEKA (Slovenia) and CINEMATEK (Greece)

More about the project: https://www.art4inclusion.eu/

Project funded by Erasmus+