14th May

Kino Udarnik, Maribor

A multiethnic cast, which is taking their audiences by storm with their Balkan music, is coming to Maribor!

Barcelona Gipsy balKan Orchestra is a group which combines the elements of the klezmer and Roma music with jazz, while simultaneously researching forgotten musical genres. Additional stylistic sources of the BGKO are the so-called nomadic musicians – which have appeared alongside them on the stage; on of those is also Vlado Kreslin.

The cast will present themselves in Udarnik with the album Avo Kant, of which the musicians said, is a continuation of the journey that started two years ago with the album Ebro al Danubio. Concerts, places, people, musicians and moving moments have inspired the songs on this album. Almost all of the songs are traditional. Though they have passed a lot of time and generations, they still manage to awake the deepest sensations in the human beings. Avo kanto means “songs of herritage” in Esperanto, a language, that the cast considers the most appropriate form of expressing their diversity.

Beginnings of the BGKO go back to the year 2012, when 11 musicians were united in Barcelona to celebrate the International Romani Day. Some of those were united into Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra which is considered to be the original cast of the BGKO. In year 2015 they reunited and called themselves Barcelona Gipsy balKan Orchestra for the first time.

On change, they’ve said: “after going through such an intensive work and growth we respond to the call of expanding our creative horizons. While we are still very much interested in the klezmer music, we want to be inspired by a wider spectrum of genres. Balkan music is for us a series of music traditions and multiethnic cultures that surpass geographic borders.”

BGKO are: Ivan Kovačević (Serbia), Oleksandr (Ukraine), Daniel Carbonell (Catalonia, Spain), Stelios Togias (Greece), Julien Chanal (France), Mattia Schirosa (Italy), Sandra Sangiao (Catalonia, Spain)

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