15 – 17 November, 2022

The Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., is participating in the Career Fair – a physical career and education fair.

The Career Fair – a physical fair of professions and education is organised together with local partners: the Employment Service of the Republic of Slovenia, the Maribor Regional Office, the Maribor Regional Chamber of Crafts and Entrepreneurship, the Styrian Chamber of Commerce, the University of Maribor, the Prizma Foundation for Improving Employment Opportunities, the Maribor Youth Cultural Centre and Sport Maribor d.o.o.

This year, the Career Fair will take place over two days, one day for primary school students and the other day for secondary school students. For primary schools on Tuesday 15 November 2022 and for secondary schools on Thursday 17 November 2022 (i.e. PLAN A).

The idea is to link this year’s Career Fair even more closely with the wider youth events, namely the Maribor Youth Festival, which is organised annually by MKC Maribor. The Career Fair would be the finale or highlight of the Festival, which would be promoted by MKC throughout the Festival. The stands would present the youth centres co-financed by the MOM in 2022-23 (on the basis of a call for applications) and the public institution MKC Maribor.

Youth Centres complement the education and career development system of young people in the city in a meaningful way, so we invite you to present your activities at this year’s Career Fair as well. The cost of the stand for the presentation of your youth activities can be covered by the MOM, but it is also necessary to agree on possible other ways of your participation.

The Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., is supported by: