23rd May 2019

Brdo pri Kranju

Representatives of the Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., have attended a CMEPIUS Valorisation Conference From Nice to Potica.

CMEPIUS Valorisation Conference is their most important annual event. Ever since they are taking care of the EU programs, the conference has become a regular feature. It serves as an evaluation and spreading of the results of numerous good practices and projects in the field of international cooperation, with which the Slovenian educational institutions widen and interfere with our educational field. Conference has been serving as a place, where the knowledge and experiences are shared, spreaded and enriched. Participants of the conference got new ideas for their work in the international field and made contacts with the acquaintances from the local environment as well as with the people from abroad and they went home motivated and with fresh ideas for their work.

This year’s conference has been dedicated to the influence of the projects on the local environment, interconnection, the sense of belonging, the merits of their roles in the area where we live and act. Our purpose is to recognize Erasmus+ contribution also among the actors which are not direct contractors and applicants; and on the other side, we want to strengthen the role of the institutions of formal and informal education as the center of a local community.

We have discussed various actors in the environment, both the educational institutions and NGO’s, companies, municipalities and others. As per usual, we have dicussed examples of good practices and simultaneously offered a place for creation of new connections, projects and cooperations.

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