22 November 2018

Representatives of EPEKA, Soc.Ent., took part in the Consultation on the Development of Entrepreneurship with Cohesion Funds – the first in a series of six thematic consultations on cohesion policy, organised by CNVOS in cooperation with Radio Student as part of the European project “Speaking Cohesion?”.

The event focused on how cohesion funding contributes to the development of (social) entrepreneurship, timber, tourism, green economic growth, etc. The speakers included:

  • Mgr. Karin Žvokelj, Head of the Development Funds Service, Ministry of Economic Development and Technology
  • Irena Marš, Head of the Cohesion Policy Implementation Service, Ministry of Culture
  • Ms. Josip Mihalic, Head of the Funds Division, Office for Cohesion Policy, Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy, Government of the Republic of Slovenia.

They answered questions on how successful we are in drawing on cohesion funds, how we use them to promote the creation, operation and international competitiveness of businesses, and what key investment priorities we are looking forward to in the area of entrepreneurship in 2021-2027.

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