1 October, 2022 – 20 April, 2023
Poland, Turkey, Slovenia

The project consists of three activities: New Concepts, CyberZone and Evaluation.

The main objectives of the project are:

  • to develop the most effective methods of non-formal education that develop soft skills in order to increase creativity and innovation and to enhance the employability of young people.
  • to create an innovative platform containing developed and tested non-formal education methods
  • increasing the digital competences of educators and young people’s capacity to digitise and use cyberspace consciously
  • providing a learning environment for target groups that find it difficult to succeed in established formal education systems and raising the profile of non-formal education
  • exchange new methods, good practices and knowledge between partner organisations

Project activities:

  • New Concepts – Turkey / NOVEMBER 2022
  • CyberZone – Poland / MARCH 2023
  • Evaluation – Slovenia / SEPTEMBER 2023