2 – 9 March, 2024
Gánt, Bányatelep (Hungary)

The Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., participates in the international Erasmus+ project Echoes of Tomorrow, implemented by Együtthato Egyesület and Tamaszpont Mopka.

Együtthato Egyesület has been involved in youth and social work since 2010. Their core value is solidarity. They are located in the 4th district of Budapest. The inclusion of the Roma community and young people with disabilities is very important to them.

Tamaszpont Mopka main goal is to help young people in the process of becoming healthy adults.
Their main activities are prevention activities, imparting/transmitting basic human values and maintaining an accessible, low-threshold community space.

About the project

The upcoming training course “Echoes of Tomorrow” will be delivered by Tamaszpont Mopka and Együtthato Egyesület under Erasmus+ accreditation from 2 to 9 March 2024 (including travel days).

The project offers:

  • A platform for collaboration;
  • Learning;
  • Exchange of creative ideas between like-minded social professionals committed to working together to create a racialised future for young people.

The aim of the project is to develop the competences of professionals working with young people so that they know how to address the issues of sustainable development, growing up, the circular economy, the role of the media and big business, the integration of the curriculum on the environment and climate change, using the principles of critical pedagogy, activism and ways of expressing their views on environmental issues.

Learning outcomes:

  • Knowledge of the history of green social movements, the concept of growing up and its relationship to social functions;
  • The ability and increased skill set to apply the principles of critical pedagogy to issues such as environmentalism, climate change, with a socially conscious mindset;
  • Practical experience in designing, delivering and evaluating workshops related to the theme, using non-formal education;
  • Expected stimulation/development of the following personal skills/attitudes:
    self-confidence, leadership, interpersonal communication, cooperation, results-oriented planning and execution, critical and analytical thinking, intercultural communication and professional use of English and IT resources.


  • Aim is to host 25 professionals working with young people;
  • They want to see youth workers, social workers working together and empowered.
    activists, movement organisers and students of relevant programmes. interested in
    Promoting positive social change and learning more about the issues;
  • There is no age limit for participation;
  • Participants should be from an Erasmus+ country;
  • The field of work and/or objectives of the sending organisation must be related to the themes of the project. Once selected, a partnership contract will be signed with the sending organisation.
  • The language of the project is English. Therefore, participants (and possible personal assistants) are expected to have at least B2 language skills.
  • This project promotes the participation of people with disabilities by providing a barrier-free environment and assistance where needed.


How to apply?

To apply for the training, please fill in the application form, but no later than 25 January 2024:



Meals, accommodation and travel costs for the training are covered by the Erasmus+ grant. Travel to the venue from Budapest will be organised by the contractors once they know the arrival times of the participants.

Would you like more information?

Contact the contractors via INFO@EGYUTTHATO.EU.