December 2019 – December 2021

The Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., announces that CMEPIUS has confirmed our two-year-long international project Education for Deeper Social Integration – from Theory to Practice (website of the project).

Project Education for Deeper Social Integration – from theory to practice (from here onwards EDSI TP / project) is an organic continuation of Erasmus+ KA2 project EDSI, which discovered good practices in the field of adult education. EDSI TP continues with the basic aim of the previous project, only it is now focused on preparing intellectual results, which are key for development of competences of teaching staff and better addressing of needs of vulnerable groups. Project is prepared by the consortium of 7 countries (Slovenia, Bulgaria, Italy, Great Britain, Serbia, Germany and Poland) from different regions of Europe, which thus guarantee a mixture of various complementary perspectives at addressing of common challenges.

Project primarily addresses development and spreading of competences of teaching staff, which is involved in projects and programmes of adult education. Based on our previous experience and experiences of our partner organizations in this field, there are numerous shortcomings, especially in relation to education of vulnerable groups that require differently structured approaches, higher level of empathy and good understandment of intercultural differences as well as possibility to solve conflicts, that can lead out of these conditions. In order to successfully integrate and socially activate vulnerable groups in partner countries, well-trained teaching staff and organizations with suitable capacities to carry out such operations, are required. Consortium EDSI TP is based on three pillars. First is knowledge and perspectives, that we have developed along previous project. Second is detailed conversations and interviews with persons with fewer opportunities. Third is needs of organizations and educators that work in the afore mentioned areas. Before we have prepared the projects we carried out some conversations with recipients of the project, so that we can take their actual needs and challenges into consideration. Aim of the project is to create an educational kit that will help educators of adults with fewer opportunities, to address the most crucial contents in the best possible way.


  • Create innovative educational programmes intended for improvement of competences of educators
  • Developing capacities of organizations that deal with education of adults
  • Improve educational programmes intended for people with fewer opportunities, especially in the field of digital literacy, capabilities of individual leadership, entrepreneurship and EU values,
  • Increase attendance at educational lectures and level of cooperation at them
  • Work on the inter-cultural dialogue, understanding diversity and fight discrimination


  • Digital tool for educators that will allow them wholesome approach to adult education with fewer opportunities
  • Educational promo videos that are funny and innovative tool for getting across project contents to general public.

Organization of 4 international learning activities that will have common role at developing digital tools and will address topics that the focus groups have pointed out as the most problematic:

  • Digital competences and functional literacy (14 attendants)
  • Individual approach and career guidance (14 attendants)
  • Entrepreneurship (14 attendants)
  • Common European Values (14 attendants)

And organization of multiplication event which will serve as a catalyst of dissemination of intellectual result. We suppose that the event will be attended by some 70 people.

Project duration: 30th December 2019 – 30th December 2021

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