1 September, 2023 – 31 December, 2023
Maribor, Slovenia

At the Association EPEKA ,Soc. Ent., we are pleased to announce that in September we started implementing the project EPEKA – Housing Cooperative for All.

Funds for the project EPEKA – Housing Cooperative for All, which will be implemented with the support of the Ministry of Economy, Tourism and Sports, were obtained within the Public Call for Promoting the Development of Cooperative and Social Economy Projects 2023-2024; the total value of the project is 194,525.00 EUR, of which the funds received from the Ministry represent 150,000.00 EUR.

Brief description of the project: During the implementation of the project, we will strive to establish the first European housing cooperative in our country and to carry out plans and prepare documentation for the establishment of the first pilot private housing cooperative in Slovenia. By the end of the project, we intend to purchase real estate intended for carrying out activities, while at the same time we will establish a legal entity for the purpose of internationalizing capital in the EU and thereby strengthening the presence of the Slovenian social economy abroad, also in Germany. The project of establishing a rental cooperative housing system in the field of social economy will in the future deal with social innovation, we will carry out numerous activities aimed at green and digital transition by ensuring a sustainable way of living, will include numerous digital business models, actively include the principles of participatory and democracy in community processes.

Main goals of the project: Establishment of a European housing cooperative SCE, establishment of a new private housing cooperative product in Slovenia, implementation of educational and cooperative activities, implementation of professional activities, preparation of everything necessary for the establishment of the first private housing cooperative.

Planned indicators: