1st February – 31st January 2019

Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent. is starting a long-term EVS project in which we’ll be hosting two international volunteers. Currently we’re searching for volunteers from Hungary, who’d like to participate in the project.

EPEKA Station (Vol. 1) is a EVS project through which the participants get to work with the local Roma community. Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent. is in charge of multi-purpose Roma centre in which we’re performing various activities that are aiming to empower the Roma community, which is often being discriminated inside the local environment. Within the activities that are taking place inside the centre, we work with diverse age groups of Roma community. Some of the activities on which we’re focusing are: preparation and organisation of free-time activities, recreational activities, through which we’d like to encourage healthier lifestyle among Roma community, activities aimed at promoting and preserving the Roma culture and tradition, public and private events, etc. This long-term EVS project is going to involve two international volunteers, who are going to work under the supervision of experienced mentors, coordinator and EPEKA employees. During the volunteering experience, volunteers are going to receive invaluable experience in the field of working with vulnerable groups of people, they’ll be organising activities, helping out with the performance of activities, they’ll be introduced to the administrative work inside the NGO sector, they’ll get familiar with the event organising inside the centre and withing the EPEKA Gallery, in which we often exhibit the work of foreign and domestic Roma artists in order to present the minority art to the public sphere. The work is going to be divided in both; individual and team-work. While using the methods of youth work, we aim, in particular, to use informal ways of education in which we recognise the potential of gathering relevant experiences. As a product, the EVS volunteers will be preparing a blog in which they’ll be writing about their own volunteering experience. At the same time they’ll be writing short articles about the Roma center, which are going to be published on EPEKA’s webpages, social media, etc.

If you’d be interested in becoming our EVS volunteer, please contact us thourgh: jera@epeka.si



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