23 – 29 July, 2023
Águeda, Portugal

Members of EPEKA Association will participate in a youth exchange as part of the Fight 4 Gender Equality project.

The objectives of the international project, implemented within the Erasmus+ program, are to identify and explore key concepts and elements in the gender debate today. The project aims to develop critical thinking about how genders are experienced and portrayed and to enhance skills in the field of gender and equality. Participants will gain knowledge about realities that contribute to inequalities. Additionally, we aim to promote the Erasmus+ program and emphasize the opportunities it offers. The project also strives to promote understanding of gender-related issues. Within the specified dates, a youth exchange will take place, aiming to encourage young people to reflect on gender equality. Within the project, we will work on preventing discrimination and promoting solidarity. As part of the youth mobility, an educational or media campaign will be conducted to raise awareness among the general public about the topics addressed by the project.

Gender equality is a key area addressed within the project. Our goal is to deepen the understanding of gender inequality issues and raise awareness about the importance of equality and the inclusion of all genders in society. We aim to develop critical thinking, knowledge, and skills among participants regarding genders and equality and to promote positive societal changes that contribute to greater gender equality. We emphasize the importance of tolerance, respect, and equal opportunities for all individuals regardless of gender and strive to eliminate prejudices, stereotypes, and gender-based discrimination. Through the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and opinions among participants from different countries, the project contributes to spreading awareness about the importance of gender equality and encourages constructive dialogue and strategic action in this field.

Infopack (in English) provides additional information about the project and upcoming meetings within it.