1 May, 2023 – 30 April, 2025

The Association EPEKA, social enterprise, is a partner in the project From Global Learning to Global Goals II.

The project focuses on the Slovenian professional public and addresses professionals in the field of education and training, including educators and trainers in the non-formal sector and adult educators. By October 2025, activities, with an emphasis on environmental protection, gender equality, and sustainable development goals, will contribute to their awareness and skills and equip them with materials for implementing global learning activities. As part of ten traditional events (Cultural Bazaar, Lifelong Learning Weeks, Global Learning Week, European Sustainable Development Week), 20 workshops and presentations will be carried out for them, and three materials will be issued, accompanied by a promotional web campaign.

Educators will be able to join Europe in School or other 27 trainings across Slovenia, which will address various current topics through the lens of gender equality and environmental protection. They will be able to use prepared promotional materials or subscribe to the bi-monthly GU e-newsletter for educators. A professional GU handbook for educators will also be published, with a focus on environmental protection, gender equality, and sustainable development goals, in print and e-form.

The project will influence the change in behavioral patterns of educators, who will act as multipliers. It focuses on the realization of sub-goal 4.7 of the 2030 Agenda, but will also contribute to achieving the goals of CTR 12.8, CTR 13.3, and CTR 5.

The LEADING PARTNER is the SLOGA platform, project partners are ZPMS, Svetilka d.o.o, and implementers: SLOGA, ZPMS, ADRA, Amnesty, Focus, Global, IAŠ, Peace Institute, Umanotera, UN Association for Slovenia, Voluntariat, Povod, Slovenian Caritas, Tri Institute, the Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., Forum for Equal Development – FER