1 Dec., 2014 – 30 Nov., 2016
EU and Macedonia

The Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., is a partner organisation of the Genocide to Roma project funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme.

In European society, awareness of the violation of human rights, democracy and freedom is linked to Nazism, Stalinism and the dramatic consequences of war.

It is vital that we actively participate in creating the future by remembering the mistakes of the past and trying to avoid repeating them.

One such unjust act was the persecution of the Roma minority group. The oppression and intolerance of the Roma has lasted too long in many European countries. This persecution culminated throughout the Nazi regime, when many Roma and other minorities were treated with horrific inhumanity and, in the end, systematically killed. During this period, the Roma were subjected to genocide and completely deprived of their civil rights. Discrimination against the Roma and the violation of their rights are still prevalent in Europe today.

The aim of this project is to guide and encourage, especially the new generations, to gain concrete knowledge from witnesses and their relatives about the mistakes and tragedies associated with Nazism and Stalinism. In doing so, they will develop an active ownership of common European values. The activities will be based on non-formal education using the “Human library” method. The “books” will be for all survivors, former partisans, children and relatives of former partisans, relatives of victims, teachers, professors, researchers and anyone with a passion for history.

In addition to the above, local awareness-raising activities will provide informal educational tools for young people. On the one hand, these tools provide information on the Roma genocide, on the other hand, they promote critical thinking and debate among young people, their reflection and understanding of history, anti-Semitism and understanding of racism as a form of anti-Romaism.

The project activities will be:

  • International youth training for the “Human library”. National public events of encounters with “books”.
  • Raising awareness at local level
  • Research
  • Creative events
  • August commemoration
  • Visit to Auschwitz on the occasion of the commemoration of the Genocide of the Roma.

Project coordinator: Roma Youth Centre, Kumanovo, Macedonia

Project partners:

  1. Raplection, Dugi Rat, Croatia
  2. Associazione Culturale Thèm Romano ONLUS, Lanciano, Italy
  3. Asociatia Nevo Parudimos, Resita, Romania
  4. EUROCIRCLE, Marseille, France Desincoop – Desenvolvimento Económico, Social e Cultural CRL,
  5. Guimaraes, Portugal
  6. The Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent., Maribor, Slovenia

The project is funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme.