23 April 2021

It’s time to roll up our sleeves again, disinfect our golf clubs, balls and hands, and invite our friends to a duel in a mini golf game on Maribor Island. Mini golf will again be available on April 23rd.

The placement of the playing surfaces is designed in such a way that visitors do not interfere with nature during the game. Eighteen playgrounds will be re-arranged throughout the bathing area (by the pools and on the lawn), and sports activities will be available to all generations. With the sports infrastructure in the immediate vicinity of the city center, we want to offer visitors an additional opportunity for relaxation and physical activity. Outdoor sports are also an excellent opportunity for safe leisure time, as the infrastructure is set in such a way that the maintenance of mutual distance between visitors is ensured.

Additional information is available on the EPEKA Mini golf Facebook page, and the event has also been announced.

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday: 12.00 – 19.00
Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays: 10.00 – 19.00
In case of rain, the play area is closed.

Price list:
adults: 5 EUR
children: 3 EUR

The project is part of the activities of the EPEKA youth center and is funded by the Youth Office of the Republic of Slovenia and the Municipality of Maribor.